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DR.MFYAN KN95 Mask Review

By June 3, 2020 No Comments

One of the most in-demand masks at the moment is the DR.MFYAN KN95 mask, and it’s becoming increasingly clear as time goes on that it’s easily one of the most effective pieces of PPE that a layperson can buy.  This particular mask has been selling out throughout the country, but they are still available at Health Smart Labs.

Today, I will be providing a fully detailed review on this popular mask so that you can decide whether or not it’s the right option for you.

The DR.MFYAN KN95 mask was produced in an FDA-registered facility, and it’s compliant with all of the necessary standards associated with CE certification.


The quality of the mask is clearly up to par, and I noticed this as soon as I handled it.  It feels like it’s made with durable materials, and it doesn’t feel flimsy at all.  The stitching is notably secure and even, which is a good sign that the mask was made with high standards in mind.  I wasn’t particularly concerned about the quality, as it was made in a legitimate, certified facility and the manufacturers adhere to highly strict standards.


This mask is made from layers of electrostatic cotton fiber, pp spunbound non-woven cloth and electrostatic meltblown cloth, which provide the perfect balance between breathability and effectiveness.  This unique layering system allows for excellent filtration of particles, and the material is not stiff and rigid like many other masks that are on the market today.  The mask is also particularly soft, which is not something that you get with many other options that you’ll find.


This mask fits better than most, and that’s exactly what KN95 masks are known for, so no surprise there.  It feels very snug, and I don’t feel like there are gaps when the mask is on.  Of course, the fit is extremely important, less for comfort-related reasons and more for protection.  Even the most high-quality mask will be ineffective if it doesn’t fit snugly enough to ensure that the airways are completely covered.  I get the feeling that the mask will conform more to the shape of my face the more frequently I wear it, but I will say that I was impressed by how quickly it adapted within minutes of putting it on.


Comfort is actually important, for a few reasons.  One reason is that the more uncomfortable the mask, the more we’ll touch it and readjust it, which can transfer germs directly onto the mask.  Further, the more comfortable the mask, the more inclined we are to wear it.  And, a comfortable mask also makes us feel calmer, as a mask that makes our breathing feel restricted can induce feelings of panic that make us more likely to take it off.

This KN95 is definitely comfortable.  The material is actually incredibly soft, which feels nice against the face.  Like I said earlier, it’s surprisingly breathable considering the various layers of material.  Not once did I feel like I wasn’t getting enough air in as I’m used to when I’m not wearing a mask.  I was also wearing this mask on a relatively hot and humid day, and I didn’t feel like my skin was sweating profusely, as many report when wearing cloth face coverings as an alternative to properly manufactured masks.

Overall, I’m pleased to say that this is a mask that doesn’t disappoint.  I’ve worn a number of different masks at this point, and this was the first one that made me forget I was wearing one in the first place – an impressive feat, if you ask me.  As we currently find ourselves in a situation in which we are all wearing masks indefinitely, it’s important to invest in one that you really don’t mind having on your face for up to several hours at a time.  Plus, this is the one that can meet those demands.

My Final Thoughts

The DR.MFYAN KN95 mask is clearly an exceptional option for those who want to minimize the spread of infectious disease through respiratory droplets.  The fit is correct, the material is legitimate and it’s refreshingly comfortable to wear on, even for relatively long periods of time.  Based on all of the details explained above, this mask is highly recommended.

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