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Protective Masks: What Kind of Mask Should I Wear?

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 Right now, there is one thing that’s on everyone’s mind across the globe, and it’s how to best protect ourselves against the coronavirus.  The CDC and WHO have regularly updated their guidelines and suggestions in terms of how we can keep ourselves safe, but no one will deny that at times, things have been confusing.  This virus is completely new, which means that we still know little about how it behaves and transmits from person to person.  Therefore, the CDC’s guidelines are prone to changing often, and sometimes drastically.

Up until very recently, we were told in America that the use of masks was pretty much unnecessary, because they couldn’t do much to prevent catching the virus, and that washing our hands and practicing social distancing was enough.  But, now that we have a pretty good idea that the virus is, in fact, airborne, the CDC is finally suggesting that we wear masks whenever we leave our homes.  Little by little, state governments are beginning to urge their residents to wear masks as well.

This means that with many types of KN95 masks for sale, the general public suddenly has a new dilemma: figuring out which mask will best help them prevent catching the virus.  The CDC has been very vague about the term “mask,” which is unfortunate because the truth is that to say that not all masks are created equally, or are therefore equally capable of protecting you, is a massive understatement.

Which Mask is Your Best Defense Against the Coronavirus?

Read on to find out.

#1: No Mask

This has been the choice among the large majority of Americans since the virus first began to spread in early March.  Now, we know that infection rates increased dramatically over the course of the month, and the CDC can’t say for certain how much of that increase was directly caused by the failure to use proper masks.  But, the truth is that not wearing a mask leaves you extremely vulnerable to catching the virus, especially since recent reports came out demonstrating that the virus is, in fact, airborne.

#2: Homemade Mask

A homemade mask is an option that many are employing around the globe.  One reason why this is such a popular option is because most Americans simply don’t know much about masks, and wouldn’t know how to obtain a far more effective one if they did.  Further complicating things is the fact that there’s a shortage of masks, as many were hoarded when the virus first exploded on the scene.  Homemade masks can vary in terms of effectiveness, of course, because each material has its own capability level in terms of truly being protective.  But, a homemade mask is better than no mask.

#3: Disposable Mask

The mask that we’re seeing the most of around the world is the disposable mask.  This is the blue mask that looks like a surgical mask.  In some countries, especially in parts of Asia, it’s actually popular to wear these masks throughout the cold season as a general precaution.  Now, their usage is spreading around the globe as a direct result of the new coronavirus.

Disposable masks are a bit deceptive.  They may give someone a false sense of security, because they are likely not as effective as people may think.  For one thing, they’re not properly fitted, and so there are small gaps in which the virus can enter.  Another thing is that the material is likely not nearly as protective as many believe.  This means that people may assume that the mask is more effective than it is, causing them to be less cautious in other ways, such as washing their hands and distancing from others.  Still, a disposable mask is better than a homemade one, or no mask at all.

#4: KN95

The FDA recently approved the use of KN95 masks for sale in the US, and so we are just starting to hear a lot about them throughout the country.  KN95 masks are far better at protecting us against droplets in the air, which is why they are widely suggested to the general public.  They are also more fitted than disposable ones, decreasing the likelihood of gaps into which the virus can enter.  Also, masks like the DR MFYAN KN95 mask are manufactured in an FDA Registered facility using the highest international manufacturing standards with CE Certification.

#5: N95

Finally, we have N95 masks.  These are the ones we keep hearing about, largely because of shortages around the world.  N95 masks are easily the best option of all in terms of their ability to protect you against the coronavirus.  However, these masks are largely reserved for medical staff, so your chance of finding one is very slim. 

In Closing

We still know far less about the coronavirus than we’d like to, which means that only time will tell just how instrumental the use of masks is in terms of minimizing the risk of infection.  However, the CDC now recommends wearing one whenever you’re out of the house.  Therefore, it is time to take your mask options seriously in order to reduce your chances of ending up with COVID-19.

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