Alcohol Wipes (40 pcs.)


These multi-purpose disinfecting wet wipes contain 75% ethyl alcohol to effectively eliminate 99.9% of bacteria.

  • 75% Alcohol Disinfecting Wet Wipes
  • Kills 99.9% Of Bacteria
  • Package Contains 40 Disposable Sanitizing Wipes
  • Thickened soft non-woven fabric: skin friendly

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Alcohol Wipes

Should I clean my phone?

Scientists have discovered that cell phones carry ten times more bacteria than most toilet seats. 

The average person touches their cellphone a staggering 2,617 times every day according to a 2019 survey by research firm dscout.

In light of this fact, wiping down the touch screens and cases of our phones “should be a part of our routine” according to Dr. David Westenberg, associate professor of biological sciences at Missouri University of Science and Technology.

How to clean your phone

Many manufacturers, including Apple, have provided recommendations due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

While specific instructions may vary depending on your device, Apple is advising the following for its products:

  • Unplug all power sources, devices, and cables.
  • Avoid excessive wiping.
  • Don’t allow moisture to get into any openings.
  • Avoid aerosol sprays, bleaches, and abrasives.
  • Avoid spraying cleaners directly onto your device.

Apple recommends the use of 70+ percent isopropyl alcohol wipes or Clorox Disinfecting Wipes to wipe down any hard, nonporous surfaces (avoid using on leather or fabric to prevent damage).


Clean and protect with advanced formula 75% alcohol wipes for healthcare, business, home or travel use.

  • Clean & Disinfect With Advanced Formula 75% Ethyl Alcohol Wipes
  • Package Contains 40 Disposable Sanitizing Wipes
  • Multi Purpose Wipes For Healthcare, Business, Home, or Travel
  • Kills 99.9% Of Bacteria
  • Size: 7.2 in x 5.5 (185 mm x 140 mm)
  • EDI electrolyzed water
  • Thickened non-woven fabric: skin friendly, soft non-woven fabric
  • Aluminum film inner packaging ensures 75% alcohol concentration

Directions: open lid and peel off seal sticker. After removing wipes, firmly close and seal the lid to prevent evaporation of alcohol.

Ingredients: Moisturizer, Bactericide, EDI Pure Water, 75% Ethyl Alcohol.

Size: 185 mm x 140 mm
Package: 40 pieces
Material: Spun-laced Non-woven Fabric
Fragrance: Unscented

Weight 0.5 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 3 × 2 in

1 Pack (40 Wipes), 5 Packs (200 Wipes), 10 Packs (400 Wipes), 50 Packs (2000 Wipes), 100 Packs (4000 Wipes), 1000 Packs (40000 Wipes)